About Me


I am so glad you are here and want to get to know me. My husband and I are not native Memphians. We have been here for about six years now and we love it. My husband teaches ESL and I spend my days making forts, trips to the library, riding bikes, and eating lots of chicken nuggets. I love this sweet time with my three little boys. They are growing so fast. Before the babies came along, I was a third grade teacher. I have worked with all kinds of families and kids for many years now. Whether it is teaching, photographing, or just hanging out I feel like God has given me a special calling to families.

Families are a picture of God to me. So much of what we do and say and think stems from the health of our families. God meant for us to thrive in relationship with each other. It is in relationship that we experience love and well-being. There are a lot hard days we have to face in life, but the people we call our tribe make it worth it. This is why I love photography. I love capturing little glimpses into the story of your family. I love getting all the feels when I edit your photos. I see the face of God in baby coos, newlywed kisses, tickle fights, tears of pain, and sweet embraces. God is there in those moments. Let me capture them for you.